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Commercial & Constitutional Litigation

Dyer Law Group has extensive, hands-on experience in commercial litigation.  We at Dyer Law Group work relentlessly on our client's behalf with the goal of resolving each issue in our client's interest.  Whether that outcome is reached through negotiations, arbitration, mediation or in court, we at Dyer Law Group are dedicated to serving our clients.  The Dyer Law Group represents our clients in many varieties of commercial and constitutional litigation including complex contract disputes, challenges to statutory enactments, proceedings before governmental entities and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Areas of litigation include:

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Trucking Law; Transportation;

  • Insurance Law

  • Civil Appeals

  • Construction Litigation.


Employment Law

Dyer Law Group has built a strong reputation within the Employment Law community as among the leaders in representing clients in employment related matters including litigation and lobbying.  Phil Dyer represented the Utah Public Employees Association (UPEA) for nearly twenty years, during which time he worked with the Utah legislature to draft employment legislation and lobbied on behalf on UPEA.  Due to Dyer Law Group's extensive experience with labor law, Dyer Law Group is among the leaders in complex Employment and Labor law litigation.

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Personal Injury

Since its founding, the Dyer Law Group has helped those injured in accidents to recover both physically and financially.  We have worked in a variety of fields, including wrongful death suits, car accidents, railroad accidents, pedestrian/car accidents and head & spinal injuries.  Our experience provides us with the background necessary to approach our client's cases with an understanding of the personal injury claims process and to strive to achieve the best result for our clients.

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Corporate Law

The Dyer Law Group serves the needs of corporate clients as well.  Our attorneys are experienced in corporate litigation, incorporation procedures, corporate contract disputes, employment and compensation contracts and labor disputes.  The Dyer Law Group provides professional legal services to match your corporate style.

The Dyer Law Group provides advice and counsel to business entities (both large and small) including issues involving formation, compliance with corporate formalities, commercial transactions, human resources issues, collection of delinquent accounts and other matters.


Criminal Law

The Dyer Law Group has experience in representing clients charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to the most serious felonies.  Protect your rights today by giving us a call or Contact Us via our website.

Power of Attorney

Wills, Trusts and Estates

The Dyer Law Group provides advice and counsel to clients for estate planning, including wills and trusts.  We can assist everyone, from the simplest of estates to those who need more complex estate planning, including establishing trusts.  Our office can also assist you with advanced medical directives (also known as living wills) and powers of attorney.

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Government Relations

The Dyer Law Group has experience in representing clients before state and local governing bodies regarding a wide array of issues.

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Family Law

Dyer Law Group can help you navigate the stressful family law system, including complex divorce litigation, paternity cases, alimony & child support.

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